Our History:

Jed & Lisa Stevens

We have been frequent travelers to Hawaii for many years while balancing full time careers and a busy family life.  In 2015, we formed Koloa Kai Vacation Rentals on the island of Kauai in order to enjoy Hawaii with our family to the fullest. 

Since that time we have grown Koloa Kai into a respected up-and-coming independent Vacation Rental company in the Poipu community.  In 2018 we established our independent Real Estate brokerage, transforming the business into an LLC, and offering full Real Estate services.  In early 2020, we established the first Home Watch service on the island of Kauai to be accredited by the National Home Watch Association.  By mid-2020, it became clear that we needed to start offering our incredibly dedicated and forward thinking business practices to our home turf, and Stay Beach Cities was born. 

Using the skills that made us successful in our other careers, we have applied ourselves to the business of making great vacations for others in order to share our passion for the Beach Cities area of Orange County California.  We invite you to browse our properties and list of local favorites, and are grateful for the opportunity to help make your vacation or extended stay a fond memory that you will treasure forever.  

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